The Arab Reading Challenge (ARC) aims to increase the number of its participants in the next five years to 50% of all students in schools inside the Arab world, and in the next ten years, to 50% of students in schools outside the Arab World as well. This goal is based on the challenge’s mission and vision.

To achieve this goal, the five-year plan will implement several strategies, including focusing on introducing the competition to all schools, catering to city, country, etc., and then gathering for the annual award ceremony in Dubai. It will also include organising book fairs and building libraries filled with rich and valuable content. The plan will also rely on productive partnersthips with the media, schools, and ministries of education, publication houses, and the Arab people, specifically the Arab family.

We expect the competition to expand to include university students around the Arab World. This plan has been reviewed and written with the help of the Higher Education Committee for the Arab Reading Challenge, which includes members representing Ministries of Education, as well as Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.

As time progresses, the plan will be amended and improved based on feedback and progress.